[Walkthrough] Guardian Deity: Nagi (Updating)


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Please be aware that there is no guarantees that the choices marked are the right answers. 
Follow at your own point's risk. Unless marked as (+5)  each choices points are debatable.

*Special Thanks to Rikki May

Chapter 4
[1] I say that I'll help. (Affection had gone up)
[2] I watch over them.
[3] I stay with Nagi. (Affection had gone up) *

Chapter 9
[1] That must be hard...
[2] That's so cool!
[3] I should treasure the Sacred Tree. (Affection had gone up)

Chapter 12
Nagi Extra Ticket 1 - 150 Platinum

Chapter 14
[1] Get angry and run after them. (Affection had gone up)
[2] Forgive them for the prank.
[3] Don't believe it.

Chapter 19
Premium Route
*Needed 4 more with my choices above

Chapter 20
[1] Blush. (Affection had gone up)
[2] Say nothing.
[3] Run away.

Chapter 23
[1] Tell him I won't tell anyone. (Affection had gone up)
[2] Say that it's better to tell En about it...
[3] Say that I can't make any promise.

Chapter 24
Nagi Extra Ticket 2 - 150 Platinum

Chapter 28
[1] Take a few steps back.
[2] Face it head on fearlessly. (Affection had gone up)
[3] Hide behind Nagi.

Chapter 29
Skill Mission

Chapter 32
[1] I'm still a little worried.
[2] I'll absolutely do my best. (Affection had gone up)
[3] I can't seem to shake away the anxiety.

Chapter 34
Avatar Mission:
Premium: Vacuum Cleaner (Charm +20) - 300 Platinum → CG
Normal: Dustpan (Charm +5) - 50 Platinum / 500 Love

Chapter 40
[1] Ask for advice anyway. (Affection had gone up)
[2] Try to figure it out myself.
[3] Say that I want to stop.

Chapter 41
Nagi Extra Ticket 3 - 200 Platinum

Chapter 43
[1] Believe him. (Affection had gone up)
[2] Ask him again whether that's really true or not.
[3] Don't believe him.

Chapter 49
Skill Mission

[1] It was worth doing all that hard work.
[2] It's all thanks to Nagi. (Affection had gone up)
[3] But this nothing, you know!

Chapter 53
[1] I ask Nagi. (Affection had gone up)
[2] I ask En.
[3] I as the Brothers.

Chapter 54
Nagi Extra Ticket 4 - 200 Platinum

Chapter 58
[1] Panic.
[2] Accept what Nagi is doing. (Affection had gone up)
[3] Move away from Nagi.

Chapter 60
Premium Route
*Needed 9 more with my choices above

Chapter 65
[1] I want to try opening it myself.
[2] Do as I'm told. (Affection had gone up)
[3] Watch from a safe distance.

Chapter 68
Skill Mission

Chapter 69
[1] I remember some of it.
[2] I don't remember them at all.
[3] I remember them perfectly. (Affection had gone up)

Chapter 74
Avatar Mission:
Premium: Bagel (Charm +30) - 350 Platinum
Normal: Toast (Charm +10) - 150 Platinum / 5000 Love

[1] Agree for the time being.
[2] Say that I don't want to take Nagi.
[3] Worry over it. (Affection had gone up)

Chapter 77
Nagi Extra Ticket 5 - 300 Platinum

Chapter 79
[1] Ask him some questions.
[2] Ask him if it's okay to ask him questions. (Affection had gone up)
[3] Don't ask him anything.

Chapter 84
[1] Try to call out to Nagi. (Affection had gone up)
[2] See what happens.
[3] Stand there appalled.

Chapter 86
Skill Mission

Chapter 87
Premium Route
*Needed 10 more with my choices above
Chapter 89
[1] Be convinced by his reason.
[2] Tell him you want to invite him to go out some more. (Affection had gone up)
[3] Say that, personally, it feels constrained at the shrine.

Chapter 93
[1] Pray that he'll be okay. (Affection had gone up)
[2] See if there's anything I can do.
[3] Get flustered.

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