Guardian Deity

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The protagonist leaves the city to a shrine to help relatives.
But runs into handsome Gods there?!
And after listening to the Enshrined Deity who protects the region,
You end up having a xxx training under a God, Guardian Dogs and Enshrined Deity!

◆Character Introduction
Sadistic God worshipped at the shrine

-Botan & Ayame
Komainu (Guardian Dogs) Brothers. Innocent and mischievous twins

Enshrined Deity in the Shrine. Carefree and stoic.

◆How to play
-Aim for the ending with the Gods as you proceed through the story
It is a women-friendly love adventure game.

-Use story tickets to advance.
You can receive 5 tickets a day!

-Your actions throughout the game will affect your relationship and Affection with your selected character!
The closer you are, the more intense the scenes get?!



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