[Walkthrough] My Superstar Boyfriend: Ritsu Igarashi (Updating)

Ritsu Igarashi

Invite Code: 
Please be aware that there is no guarantees that the choices marked are the right answers. 
Follow at your own point's risk. Unless marked as (+5)  each choices points are debatable.

*Special Thanks to Jysteria

Chapter 5
[1] Igarashi (Affection has gone up)
[2] Ichijima
[3] Ibuki

Chapter 10
[1] Talk back (Affection has gone up)
[2] Stay quiet
[3] Pay no mind (Affection has gone up)

Chapter 15
[1] Refuse
[2] Accept the invitation (Affection has gone up)
[3] Cheat somehow

Igarashi Extra Ticket - 150 Platinum

Chapter 17
[1] Ask for an explanation (Affection has gone up)
[2] Ignore
[3] Pay no mind

Chapter 25
[1] I'm a little happy (Affection has gone up)
[2] I'm embarrassed
[3] I want it to stop

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