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[Walkthrough] Shall We Date? Wizardess Heart+: Cerim Leaido

Posted by Jill Rosa

[Walkthrough] Shall We Date? Wizardess Heart+: Cerim Leaido

[Walkthrough] Rental Boyfriends: Takeomi Shiina

Takeomi Shiina

Posted by Myxprint

[Walkthrough] Rental Boyfriends: Takeomi Shiina

[Walkthrough] Rental Boyfriends: Aito Hozumi

Aito Hozumi

Posted by Myxprint

[Walkthrough] Rental Boyfriends: Aito Hozumi

[Walkthrough+CG] Love Never Dies: Wu Yong

Wu Yong

Invite Code: rtPR7Z

Posted by Zen ri

[Walkthrough+CG] Love Never Dies: Wu Yong

[Walkthrough+CG] Love Never Dies: Li Jun

Li Jun

Invite Code: rtPR7Z

Posted by Zen ri

[Walkthrough+CG] Love Never Dies: Li Jun

Love Never Dies: Ikemen of Marsh

Available Now!!

   Love Never Dies | Otome Game- screenshot

Invite Code: rtPR7Z

【Game Available】


Love or revenge.
Dating simulation game where you can enjoy a dramatic love like in the novel
is now here in the form of a smartphone app, Love Never Dies ~​Ikemen of the Marsh~!!
A portion of the scenarios have changed, and a whole new series of stills have been added♪
Introduction of new characters, and more stories are expected to be added!
Noble heroes who want to save the citizens of a land that suffered defat.
The power of the stars that link you and them
Will see the beginning of a bittersweet love
Where will fate lead the two of you that were not supposed to meet?

You chose a book at the library you always visit.
The book suddenly begins shining, and before you know it,
You're suddenly thrown into Mount Liang, a huge mountain fort in the middle of a lake.

In order to save the citizens of a land that suffered defat,
108 handsome heroes gathered at Mount Liang.
You end up living with them,
Until the day you can return to your own world.

From noble knight commanders with a refreshing smile that captivate ladies,
to arrogant Navy commanders that can make any lady fall for him,
to tacticians cold on the outside but easily embarrassed on the inside who take females as research targets,
you spend everyday in this unfamiliar environment getting played around by these men
and some feelings will be born

Character Introduction
◆Former Elite Government Army Knight◆
Panther Head Lin Chong
His refreshing smile and bright personality makes him likable, the typical handsome guy.
Good and cooking, he looks after the rest.
He insists that he will never fall in love again because of past experiences but...

◆Female-lover Arrogant Navy Commander◆
River Dragon Li Jun
A respected Nacy Commander, despite being rash.
He has a kind of seductiveness that women do, and he will never reject any lady that comes to him.
He acts very arrogantly to the protagonist but.

◆Strategist Who Sells His Predictions and Plans◆
Resourceful Star Wu Yong
Aware of all political and military issues, he is the brain of Mount Liang.
He is always calm and hates fooling around, but is well-loved by children.
He is very bad with women, and blushes just by touching them.

◆Skillful Yet Clumsy Warrior◆
Nine Tattooed Dragons Shi Jin
Always practicing his martial arts, he is obsessed over becoming stronger.
He is rather sensitive to the feelings of others, and will stay with you when you're feeling down.
However, he is unable to understand women and is a complete beginner when it comes to love.

◆Reliable, Logical with a Rich Personality◆
Short-lived Second Brother Ruan Xiaowu
Unlike his young, childish features, he is a very reliable person.
He leads the Navy, and also acts as the right-hand man of Li Jun who always does as he likes.
He is honest to women, and is very loyal to his feelings of love.

◆Cunning Information Broker◆
Magic Traveller Dai Zong
Huge sadist good at reading others.
An amazing magic user, it is his job to collect information.
He's seduced countless of women before with his mature attractiveness. However, he treats the protagonist like a kitten?

◆Lively Defendant General◆
Little Marquis of Wen Lü Fang
Known for being the commander of the famous iron defense.
Sensitive to topics related to height, he is sometimes a childish guy who enjoys teasing Ruan Xiaowu.
A frank personality that says what he likes.

◆Easy-go-lucky Yet Murderous!?◆
Black Whirlwind Li Kui
Guy with a one-track mind who makes his likes and dislikes very clear.
He swings a huge axe around, and is so strong no one can stop him when he goes berserk.Weak against women, and is even unable to fight back against them.

◆Calm Leader of Mount Liang◆
Protector of Righteousness Song Jiang
Kind person who saves the weak or those in need of help.
He is a man of few words, and you might never understand what he's thinking.
Extremely sharp, he can make the other heroes fall quiet with his words.



Posted by Zen ri

Love Never Dies: Ikemen of Marsh

[Walkthrough+CG] Love Never Dies: Lin Chong

Lin Chong

Invite Code: rtPR7Z

Posted by Zen ri

[Walkthrough+CG] Love Never Dies: Lin Chong

[Walkthrough] The Cinderella Contract: If Yelisei

If Yelisei

Invite Code: BumdWj

Posted by Myxprint

[Walkthrough] The Cinderella Contract: If Yelisei

[CGs] Shall We Date? Ninja Shadow: Yuzuki

Posted by Jill Rosa

[CGs] Shall We Date? Ninja Shadow: Yuzuki

[Walkthrough] Mystic Messenger - Emails (Updating)

*Special thanks to Amanda Kahl for contributing!

When following these email walkthroughs, understand that the correct response is italicized. Also, if you run across emails that we do not have listed below, please leave a comment or email Myxprint. ^^

There is no such person.
--> Cat allergy

Cheese panini
--> Beef and seaweed soup

I might be allergic to choice options. 
--> I might be allergic to guests not attending the party.

--> Monet
Van Gogh

--> The Louvre
Metropolitan Musuem

--> Cantabile

My IP is VIP

--> I’ll look forward to you next video! :) 
This video is total trash lol

Have mercy.
--> Report them. 

--> 100% interest rate 
Passed down for generations mortgage payments

--> Swiss bank. 
Bank of Neighborhood.

--> $1.2million all in cash. 
One card.

Robusta coffee
--> Arabica coffee!

--> Drip brewing.

--> Italian

Not sure about bracelets…
--> Don’t worry!

--> Lock U Up Silver Bracelet.
Shiny gold bracelet

Flea Market
--> Claw machines at the mall.

Cat wine bar.
--> Cat buffet.

Cat Moulin Rogue!
--> How about people putting on a show?

--> Cat limousine!
Cat stroller!

--> Head meow!

--> Odd eye meow!
One eye.

Playground sand.
--> Crystal litter.

To be honest…
--> Of course!

--> Give them food and wait. 
Pet them and share your feelings.

Call people you know!
--> Social media sites.

--> Green.

--> Poke it out with a straw!
Crush it with a spoon!

--> Diamond

--> 3 cups, chef 
6 cups chef

You thoroughly knead the dough, chef.
--> You mix as if you’re cutting, chef.

5 minutes, chef
--> 20 minutes 

--> I saw it on Youtube! 
I saw a flyer around town!

--> The face of a generous looking granfa… I mean, you , the owner!
The chicken of fantasies… Phoenix!

--> Cheese is the way of the world! 
Be unique! Try the fruit chicken.

When it’s bright (just like your head)
--> Noon. 

Peach and black.
--> Yellow and black.

Octopus costume.
--> Candlelight.

--> The rock band Imagine Mythical Creatures 
A quiet, melodic song.

--> Limited edition title change ticket 
110cm tall doll

--> Create a banner of the winner.
99 tickets for weapon strengthening.

--> Borborry~ 

--> It is Verragamo 
I don’t know…

Swamped with couples.
--> Flower bed of pretty boys 

--> Hawk pose.
Create a heart shape with your arms over the head.

A mystery on Zen’s musical script?!
--> Yoosung’s LOLOL exploration

--> Jaehee

--> I know the vanished seven treasure islands.
Please find my socks my grandma’s dog ate.

A mystery on Zen’s musical script?!
--> Yoosung’s LOLOL exploration

--> Jaehee

You can’t see very well.
--> The seal is unlocked!!!

--> Black

Blood shot eyes.
--> The rise of the fire dragon slumbering within the eyes!!!

There’s this person called Yoosung.
--> There’s this person called Jaehee….

You don’t need to know.
--> Games with soda as prizes. 

--> It’s because you’re too smart.
Because you’re a baby.

My neighbors are being so loud I can’t sleep.
--> I wanted to help you. 

I’m hungry. Please order some noodle for me.
--> I want to go see a movie, but I don’t have anyone to go with. What do I do? 

Please come to our party and help out with catering.
--> I really hope you come to our party. 

Magnet bracelet.
--> A rainbow colored floppy disk model.

It’s only in my memories.
--> Windows 8.1 3711 disks.

--> Obtain a limited edition cassette tape and hide it.
Break his walkman!

I just gave it to my mom.
--> All to the bank!

Leprechaun’s pot of gold!
--> Bank passbook 

We put them all in one bank account.
--> We split it up.

Tei’s tea leaf
--> Jumin’s cat

--> Jalapeno’s Phootobook
V’s photograph

Jumin’s autograph
--> Zen’s underwear

--> Wow! Amazing that I get to talk to God! 
I pray… for God to come to the party.

Please let me be rich. 
--> I am your daughter.

I think you’ll ride the winds, carry a long cane, and wear sunglasses.
--> I think you’ll walk into the party room like a normal person. 

How about a ladle shape?
--> Driver shape.

Rocket shoes.
--> Shoes that dry quickly.

--> Leather that does not wear out. 
Dragon leather. 

--> Lucky Kim (whispers) 

He’s young and bright, 22 years old.
--> He’s an oldie, 80 years old. 

--> Not Grandma! Grandmother!
Not grandpa.. Grandfather!

--> Lots of people with warm hearts! 
Don’t mess up the party.

--> Rice, soup, green salad, backed salmon, fried eggs 
Chicken nugget combo?

Selling random stuff on the subway
--> Sell Small Issue Magazine

--> Hippocratic oath. 
Schweitzer oath.

--> Request exam results.
Just trust the doctors and leave it to them.

--> Comparing several hospitals
Go to big hospital near your house.

Fiery Passion
--> Filial Piety 

--> Confucious

--> Be healthy.
Be rich.

--> How about Scheam? 

--> Nameless 

Install it on a computer at an elementary school.
--> Why don’t you participate in a game convention? 

--> Ergonomics. 

Control + V !
--> ctrl + c

--> Movi 
Cutie Pie 83

--> Compete with your son. 
Trust me with guts!

--> Drifting. 

--> Car from when you were young Pong! 
The new model from Berrari

Threaten them with you skewers!
--> Call the police! 

Run away!
--> Say hello! 

I think you’ll just look down on the ground and pass by.
--> I think you’ll give them a kick in the butt. 

--> Dia. 
I’m a noob.

--> Of course lol 

Stop playing and take the call
--> Play LOLOL together. 

--> Headset 
Karaoke mic

Christmas Tree
--> Focus on balance 

--> Blood Dragon 
J Beaver

--> Meowmeow, 

--> Miumiumi! 

--> Nyannyan!

--> Bae screen wedding 
Advertising balloon wedding

Handmade invitation letters
--> Tripter Tript invitations 

Good let’s hire a famous photographer!
--> Use screenshot function! 

Oh yeah, Caspirin!
--> Maybe… maybe… Tiaranol…? 

--> It’s Tiaranol. 

--> TIARANOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Study bandage.
--> Pink bandage. 

--> Coffin with lace all around 
Sparkling gold coffin

Life size figurine of Zen
--> Life size marble statue of Pharaoh 

A lot of women will be there.
--> Of course. 

--> The chance to discover a gem! 
Don’t look forward to it.

--> Your face reflected on thy eyes. 
That’s not a problem for anyone but Zen~

--> The best of all pens in the nation, BIC. 
Chebra pen made overseas.

“You can change the ball on the pen’s tip.”
--> “Sear the end with a lighter.” 

Maybe something similar to a Mont Blanc?
--> Classic is best 

--> Personalized framed cross-stitch. 

Why don’t you try focusing on something else?
--> Buy her handcuffs. 

Share an honest conversation.
--> Give her a bouquet of Jasmines. 

--> A film about the environment 
Rated-R movies u///u

--> Realism. 

--> Cannes, Venice, Berlin 
Rome, London, Toyko

--> Zen.

--> This production of “The Red Pepper Was So Hot” 
Zen is good as he is.

Ask an acquaintance who works in theater.
--> Get the help of college student. 

--> Luciel 
Jack Choi,

--> [your name] 

--> Jihae 

--> Treatment of getting locked up in a room of mirrors. 
Treatment of shoving your face in sand and swimming.

--> He takes a lot of selfies. 
He takes a long shower.

--> Lake Na 

--> Yes, there is injustice going on so please come to our party and help us! 
You should be honored that you’re invited.

--> There’s no story of a magical girl who’s not violent. 
I think I know… When you’re hopeless about life… you have to drink a beer and play a round.

Is your pet cat black?
--> It’s cool… Completely suits you :) 

--> Green 

--> Long enough to do well with my eyes closed! 
Using a sewing machine.

Use a needle threader.
--> Get a camel through the eye of a needle. 

Avatardy 3D
--> Baleman 

--> Onthestellar 
Wonder Kittie

Andrey Heartburn
--> Leonardo Dicappucino

--> Fancy party! Lots of parking space!! 
Oil truck?lololol Are you showing off?

Of course not!
--> Of course! 

--> Bald 
Credit delinquent

--> To the freezer! 
Keep them inside the rice cooker.

--> Bubblewrap on the window. 
Put newspaper on the windows!

--> Fried rice. 
To the freezer!


--> Silvervine 

--> Salmon fish sauce 

--> Fish - shape 

--> Netizens 
What I hear from my friends.

--> A law must be implemented that protect reporters. 
You have to leave it up to their conscience.

--> I cannot tell you that.
Persian cat.


--> Antigua. 

--> Whole beans. 
Sean Bean.

About 60 days.
--> 15 days. 

--> Of course! 

Jane and John
--> You One and Only Top Star 

--> Kiss! 

It’s a lovely and cute party.
--> It’s a extravagant and elegant party. 

--> I recommend you take the Olymbus X20.  
I recommend you take the Sonya CP160

I recommend you bring the Olymbus X20.
--> I recommend you take the heavy professional Ganon camera. 


Evil slave owner.
--> He is very practical. 

--> More than enough.  
A cat instead of a bonus.

Animal onesie.
--> Just your normal attire. 

--> Korea 

--> Because it’s cool. 

--> Gold 

Keep phone by your pillow.
--> First. Leave the phone in the living room and go to your room. 

--> Leave the battery only half charged. 
Have a charger with you at all times.

Cereal brain.
--> Popcorn brain. 

--> A man’s word is his bond! 
Me scolding you won’t work. Just take it easy~

If it’s that difficult, ask for your girlfriend’s permission.
--> You’re girlfriend will love that!  

--> you’ll be useless if you give up now 
you are doing fine now :) 

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Hey hon… wanna hang out with me?
--> Hi, I’m Youngsoo. I got your number through Chulsoo. 

--> Wear a watch! 
A beret

--> Asking is not a challenge but a confirmation. 
The moment you lay eyes on her! Girlfriend first dating next.

I calculate the star’s life span.
--> Memories of my first kiss✩ 

--> I want to eat it! 
I calculate the harvest calendar! 

--> I have to make a wish! 
I calculate whether or not I can go pick up the meteor! 

--> Tell them to invest in stocks. 
Don’t give them bait. Just ignore those people!

Getting rich
--> Not losing all your money 

Yoosung Kim who entered a prestigious university.
--> Chief Assistant Jaehee Kang 

--> Of course! 
You want to bring the Nimtendo to the party?

--> Stick 

It hasn’t come out yet…
--> At the party! 

--> Everyone has small feet! 
Filled with big feet!

--> Chinese 

--> Nimtendo 
TOEFL practice book

--> Call the zoo!  
Just a stupid dream.

Pregnancy dream for a beautiful princess.
--> Stock prices of peach drinks are going up. 

--> It means your grades! Two Fs! 
Hire a body guard!

--> Whoopee~~ Beat drums~~ 
Cause, I’m slim lady, yes I’m the real lady, all you other slim ladies are just malnourished.

--> Whoopee~~ 

Ohmydearsun. Layyourpassionuponus.
--> Oh my dear sun~~ Lay your passion upon us~ 


I’m so busy I don’t have time at all.
--> So much time! 

--> C&R Director 
Chief Assistant of corporate executive.

Old man under the sun.
--> Old man under the moon.


--> Red wine. 
White wine.

--> Ice wine 

--> Jumin 

More science related organizations than ones related to art…
--> Art Organizations will be joining. 

Stranger Kid.
--> XOXOforeverurlovely#1star 

--> Flies off to space. 
Male lead’s father is her mother’s lost brother.

The confusing period will pass.
--> What are you interested in these days. 

Yeah, I guess you are a bit late…
--> Who says you’re late! You didn’t even try. 

Yeah… I guess since your parents are paying your tuition…
--> Convince your parents, 

Posted by Myxprint

[Walkthrough] Mystic Messenger - Emails (Updating)

[Walkthrough] Shall We Date? Love Tangle: Timo Salminen & Paul Morgan

Timo & Paul

Posted by Jill Rosa

[Walkthrough] Shall We Date? Love Tangle: Timo Salminen & Paul Morgan