[Walkthrough+CG] Feral Boyfriend: Yuki Kamitani

Yuki Kamitani

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Please be aware that there is no guarantees that the choices marked are the right answers. 
Follow at your own point's risk. Unless marked as (+5)  each choices points are debatable.

*Special Thanks to Amanda Kahl, Kuro Neko, Aurélie Delsaut, Skyler Vanilla, Franciele, Lone wolf & rena ryuugu

Kamitani Yuki (Special Thanks to Aurélie Delsaut)
Chapter 4
[1] Tell him honestly (Affection has gone up)
[2] Give him a vague answer (Affection has gone up)
[3] Don't reply

Chapter 9
[1] Decide not to check
[2] Check with the person on my right. (Affection has gone up)
[3] Check with Kamitani. (Affection has gone up)

Chapter 14
[1] Have lunch after you return to the classroom. (Affection has gone up)
[2] Don't eat.
[3] Eat lunch by yourself. (Affection has gone up)

Chapter 18
Skill Mission:
Require 800+ Skill Points

Chapter 19
[1] Maybe I've gotten used to it (Affection has gone up)
[2] It's just my imagination
[3] We actually get along pretty well (Affection has gone up)

Chapter 25
[1] Return to the classroom (Affection has gone up)
[2] Follow him (Affection has gone up)
[3] Ask for the place

Chapter 28

[1] Wait and see what happens
[2] Ask for help (Affection has gone up)
[3] Bear with it (Affection has gone up)

Chapter 30
Avatar Mission:
Premium Route: Lollipop - 100 Platinum
Normal Route: Bottled Gum - 50 Platinum/ 500 Love

Chapter 33
[1] Chase after him anyway (Affection has gone up)
[2] Suggest to stagger the timings
[3] Remind him to attend class later (Affection has gone up)

Chapter 37
Skill Mission:
Require ??+ Elegance

Chapter 38
[1] I'm so embarrassed (Affection has gone up)
[2] become shy (Affection has gone up)
[3] I don't mind

Chapter 41
Special Scenario (Affection ??+)

Chapter 44
[1] Deny it profusely
[2] Tell him the truth (Affection has gone up)
[3] Keep quiet (Affection has gone up)

Chapter 49
[1] I wonder if Kamitani's realized it too (Affection has gone up)
[2] It's probably just my imagination
[3] I'm curious after all

Chapter 52
Avatar Mission:
Premium Route: Teacher's Pointer (Appealability +10) - 300 Platinum
Normal Route: Headband 
(Appealability +5) - 150 Platinum/ 5000 Love

Chapter 53
[1] I'm not interested
[2] Ask him because I'm curious (Affection has gone up)
[3] Decide not to interrupt (Affection has gone up)

Chapter 56
Special Scenario (Affection ??+)

Chapter 60
[1] Convince him not to give up (Affection has gone up)
[2] Tell him it's okay to give up
[3] Think about it together (Affection has gone up)

Chapter 65
[1] I really don't want you to quit (Affection has gone up)
[2] I don't want either of us to have to withdraw
[3] It's okay even if I have to withdraw (Affection has gone up)

Chapter 67
Skill Mission:
Require ??+ Elegance

Chapter 70
[1] The way he asked them for help
[2] What Udo said (Affection has gone up)
[3] The way he used my name without honorifics (Affection has gone up)

Chapter 74
[1] Try to convince him (Affection has gone up)
[2] Get angry
[3] Give up

Chapter 79
Skill Mission:
Require ??+ Elegance

Chapter 80
[1] Get mad
[2] Retort
[3] Don't mind it (Affection has gone up)

Chapter 84
Avatar Mission:
Premium: Star-Patterned Parka - 400 Platinum
Normal: T-shirt - 200 Platinum/ 6500 Love

Chapter 85
[1] Try to cover it up
[2] Apologize sincerely (Affection has gone up)
[3] That makes it even more interesting (Affection has gone up)

Chapter 90
[1] Leave the area (Affection has gone up)
[2] Call out to Kamitani (Affection has gone up)
[3] Wait for a bit

Chapter 94
[1] Get suspicious
[2] Follow obediently (Affection has gone up)
[3] Try to get up no matter what

Chapter 100
[1] Cry (Affection has gone up)
[2] Nod
[3] Smile (Affection has gone up)

Chapter 103
Special Scenario (Affection ??+)

Chapter 105
[1] This is my true ability
[2] It happens (Affection has gone up)
[3] I went easy on you

Chapter 109
[1] Calm down
[2] Get angry
[3] Retort (Affection has gone up)

Chapter 114
[1] Isn't it okay if I don't go
[2] I'll go tomorrow
[3] I'll go now (Affection has gone up)

Chapter 116
Skill Mission:
Require ??+ Elegance

Chapter 120
Avatar Mission:
Premium: Damaged Jeans - 500 Platinum
Normal: Sweatshirt- 250 Platinum/ 8000 Love

[1] Accept it
[2] Complain
[3] Thank him (Affection has gone up)

Chapter 121
Special Scenario (Affection ??+)

Chapter 124
[1] Tell them
[2] Don't tell them
[3] Hesitate (Affection has gone up)

Chapter 130
[1] Reject him
[2] Be dazed
[3] Pretend to be fine

Chapter 131
Skill Mission:
Require 8500+ Elegance

Chapter 135
[1] Because I like Kamitani (Affection has gone up)
[2] Because Kamitani is important to me
[3] Because I want to be with Kamitani (Affection has gone up)

Chapter 136
Special Scenario (Affection ??+)

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  1. chapter 9:

    ask the student on the right (affection level will go up)

    + i got this answer on my first try. i don't know about the other choices.

  2. I chosed the optio reply hem vaguely and also poped up affecttion has gone up o3o (chapter 4) let's see how it goes xD

  3. CH 14
    1) Have lunch after you return to the classroom
    2) don't eat
    3) Eat lunch by yourself **went up
    CH 16 Skill mission 800 skill points

  4. Ch 14:
    1) Have lunch after you return to classroom. **

  5. Chapter 19)"We actually get along pretty well" makes affection go up. It's the third option. First I think was "I'm getting used to it". Second "It's just my imagination". So:
    1)"I'm getting used to it"
    2)"It's just my imagination"
    3)"We actually get along pretty well"*affection up*
    I know for sure that's the third one, but am not quite sure on the phrasing and order of the first two options.

  6. ch 19
    1) Maybe I've gotten used to it **went up
    2) It's just my imagination
    3) We actually get along pretty well

  7. Chapter 19 "We actually get along pretty well" makes affection go up also. If you didn't see my previous post...

  8. CH 25
    1) Return to the classroom **went up
    2) follow him
    3) Ask for the place

  9. Chapter 28
    1)Wait and see what happens
    2)Ask for help*affection goes up*
    3)Bear with it

  10. Also after Chapter 29 there is an Item Mission checkpoint.
    For Premium route it's a lollipop and for normal route it's a pack of gum. Can't remember the prices for them so someone else would have to get that info. I do suggest having some platinum on hand though, the premium route is so worth spending a few dollars... Kamitani...!*squees*

  11. CH 30
    Premium Route
    Lollipop 100 platinum
    Normal Route
    bottled gum 50 platinum/500 love

  12. CH 33
    1) chase after him anyway **went up
    2) suggest to stagger the timings
    3) remind him to attend class later

  13. CH 37 Skill mission ??

    CH 38
    1) I'm so embarrassed **went up
    2) become shy
    3) I don't mind

  14. What is the difference between the correct choices? I'm curious cuz I'm always having a hard choosing between the two.

    1. One gives more points than the other. It's just we don't know which is which at the moment.

    2. Oh I see thank you\( ̄▽ ̄)/

  15. CH 41 Premium Route **9 Affection short

    CH 44
    1) Deny it profusely
    2) tell him the truth
    3) keep quiet **went up

  16. CH 49
    1) I wonder if kamitani's realized it too **went up
    2) It's probably just my imagination
    3) I'm curious after all

  17. CH 52 Avatar Mission
    Premium Teacher's Pointer 300 platinum
    Normal Headband 150 platinum/5000 love

  18. CH 53
    1) I'm not interested
    2) Ask him because I'm curious **went up
    3) Decide not to interrupt

  19. Chapter 60
    1)Convince him not to give up
    2)Tell him it's okay to give up(something phrased like that)
    3)Think about it together*makes affection go up*

  20. CH 56 Premium Route Affection ??

  21. CH 65
    1) I really don't want you to quit **went up
    2) I don't want either of us to have to withdraw
    3) It's okay even if I have to withdraw

  22. CH 67 Skill Mission ??

    CH 70
    1) The way he asked them for help
    2) what Udo said **went up
    3) The way he used my name without honorifics

  23. CH 74
    1) try to convince him **went up
    2) get angry
    3) give up

  24. CH 79
    Skill Mission ??

    CH 80
    1) get mad
    2) retort
    3) don't mind it **went up

  25. CH 84
    Avatar mission
    star-patterned parka 400 platinum
    t-shirt 200 platinum/6500 love

    CH 85
    1) try to cover it up
    2) apologize sincerely **went up
    3) that makes it even more interesting

  26. CH 90
    1) leave the area
    2) call out to kamitani **went up
    3) wait for a bit

  27. CH 94
    1) get suspicious
    2) follow obediently **went up
    3) try to get up no matter what

    1. Try to get up no matter what**went up

  28. CH 100
    1) cry
    2) nod
    3) smile **went up

  29. CH 103
    Premium Affection ??
    I was 5 short on the affection for this between my answers & items in his closet

    CH 105
    1) this is my true ability
    2) it happens **went up
    3) I went easy on you

  30. CH 109
    1) calm down
    2) get angry
    3) retort **went up

  31. CH 114
    1) isn't it okay if I don't go
    2) i'll go tomorrow
    3) i'll go now **went up

    CH 116
    Skill mission ??

  32. CH 120
    Avatar Mission
    Damaged jeans 500 platinum
    250 platinum/8000 love

    1) accept it
    2) complain
    3) thank him **went up

  33. CH 121
    Premium Route Affection ??

    Ch 124
    1) tell them
    2) don't tell them
    3) hesitate **went up

  34. CH 130
    1) reject him
    2) be dazed
    3) pretend to be fine **

    CH 131
    skill mission 8500

    1. I figured that skill mission points because I have 6753 skill points & short by 1747

    2. I choose reject him with chapter 130 and I got no affection T^T

  35. Chapter 135
    1)because I like Kamitani*affection goes up*
    2)because Kamitani is important to me
    3)because I want to be with Kamitani

  36. And chapter 136 is whatever ending you choose or have enough points for. I had enough for both. After completing Premium ending you get a boyfriend avatar item. Kamitani: Uniform (Blazer)
    Might play through again and see if the Normal ending yields any special item also.

    I also have all the CGs if you need them...

    1. Wooot yay Thanks for letting e know :3

    2. What does CGs mean? Kuro Neko did you play all the game with premium? I'm curious about the special scenario images. I missed the first one and the other I'm barely getting them. Also the special tickets of Kamitani, what happens?? It gives you special images or scenarios? I can't pay them and the install app for platinum doesn't work...

  37. If you have choosen the premium route do you have to keep getting the premium items to continue on that route or can you get the normal items?

    1. No the premium route is a one time scene so you can switch to normal and it wouldn't really change your progress.

  38. How about chapter 130? Is it number 3?

  39. Hey I am sorry to ask for much and this is my first time here and I use you guys for BL Academy and Feral Boyfriend and Vampire Darling but if possible can you guys maybe upload videos of the special scenario tickets that way we can kinda all see them without paying then I can just maybe buy the ones I am interested in I just wanted to ask because I have seen them do it for other dating apps special scenarios for a few but I just wanted to ask if you guys could do it on here so then I could see them anyway thanks.

    1. Unfortunately we can't really do that for you. Besides the copyright issues with recording the game, I tend to play these games like any free player without spending money on it. So i tend to not get these special scenarios and it takes a lot of trial and error just to get to one. Sorry :x

    2. I have spesial ch for 56 but now i wondering how the normal ch will be. I will send it to you if you sens it to me.

    3. The normal route are usually really short and tends to just get back to the normal story line. nothing romantic happen or sometimes in normal end they skip the juicy part and just hints that they did something and moves on.

  40. Thank you for responding then I have another question usually we get one once a day free boyfriend room gacha on all the games but on Feral Boyfriend it does not do that but usually if it does not then we can earn boyfriend room points by doing lessons and I think it was doing that in the beginning and I did get like 400 maybe but now no matter how many Great successes I get on my lessons it does not give me boyfriend room points to do the Boyfriend Room Gacha on Feral Boyfriend I have been wondering if something is like wrong with it and just wanted to ask.

    1. I noticed that too actually. Its happened in all the other games produced by this company... so i guess its a normal thing.

  41. Hello, I really liked this game, I'm still playing it. I noted that there isn't much about it, and I'm curious if the decisions actually change something in the story or it's just for points. The question are the same but the reactions n the story too? Like when you choose to not do something but it still happens. Does it have any consequences at all more than mysterious points?

    I really would love to see all the scenarios and special tickets that I couldn't buy, there's any way that someone can pass it privately or something?

    I really love all the narrative and special scenarios are awesome but it would be nice to see any fanart of some descriptions, I didn't find any, I guess it's not that popular but if you know of any I will love to see it. Specially of Yuki.

    I'm LykanYouko or Youko K. in social media if you want to share any fanart!

    1. Hiya regarding your questions, the questions don't really change the story line it's just more on gaining points to get to an end. Different answers give different responses but then it will always fade to a neutral dialogue (the same in all responses) to tie back to the story line. Missions are a bit different that the premium route will get a more romantic scene while in normal route like the name says normal interaction but again will fade back to a neutral dialogue to bring back the story line. So whether you pick 1, 2, or 3 it doesn't change the story line at all. Its picking the right response that will add up and get you the better ending. I hope that kinda clarify your questions... unless i just confused you more o3o

    2. Thanks for answering! and... awwwwaaawawwww it would be awesome some different lines and endings... I'm about to end it but I didn't get enough points to be able to read the happy ending D'= and... well.. I got stuck there, I really want to see the last picture... I lost the first one. I want the more romantic scene Q.Q

  42. Hello. I just finished the normal route of Kamitani, but unlike other games (like "sweet scandal returns") the likeability meter didn't even got close to "good". I'm right in the middle of this pinboard even though I always chose the answers you suggested (except for one) and the affection went up.. Is it possible I did something wrong?

    1. Ah well you see the options i have up there aren't guaranteed to be the highest answers. As you can see all answers whether you pick 1, 2 or 3 in one scenarios will say that affection has gone up. We don't really know which is the definite right answer. If it was a guaranteed answer it would have +5 right next to it but as you can see in the walkthrough we still don't know which ones those would be.

  43. Chapter 44

    [1] Deny it profusely
    [2] Tell him the truth (affection has gone up)
    [3] Keep quiet

  44. Chapter 60

    [1] Convince him not to give up (affection has gone up)
    [2] Tell him it's okay to give up
    [3] Think about it together

  45. Chapter 65

    [1] I really don't want you to quite
    [2] I don't want either of us to have to withdraw
    [3] It's okay even if I have to withdraw (affection has gone up)

  46. Hi ! I was wondering did you get the good ending ?

  47. Chapter 70

    [1] The way he asked them for help
    [2] What Udo said
    [3] The way he used my name without honorifcs (affection has gone up)

    Chapter 85

    [1] Try to cover it up
    [2] Apologize sincerely
    [3] That makes it even more interesting (affection has gone up)

  48. Chapter 90

    [1] Leave the area (affection has gone up)
    [2] Call out to Kamitani
    [3] Wait for a bit

  49. When you choose a new characters storyline will you loose your skill points?

  50. Hey, the last special scenario is 155 affection. Thanks for the walkthrough!

  51. Chapter 100

    [1] Cry (affection has gone up)
    [2] Nod
    [3] Smile

  52. Chapter 100

    [1] Cry (affection has gone up)
    [2] Nod
    [3] Smile

  53. Chapter 53

    [3] Decide not to interrupt. *Affection went up*

  54. For Chapter 4, Don't Tell Him Honestly.