[Walkthrough] Ephemeral Dreams, Eternal Love: Asagi

Asagi's CGs

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*Warning: It's a Mature game if you girls didn't manage to catch that

You have to go through the route first and get the bad ending before you can redo the route and get the happy ending.

✧[1] Stare back at Kenji.✧
[2] Do nothing.

[1] I want to purchase you.
✧[2] I wanted to see you.✧

[1] Abandon myself.
✧[2] Escape.✧

Junction Route - You have enough Affection Level to choose the Special Route.
Get CG

✧[1] Kiss him.✧
[2] Do the same back to him.

✧[1] I can't help it.✧
[2] Don't make fun of me.

✧[1] Think back on my time with Asagi.✧
[2] Forget about Asagi for now.

✧[1] Request modestly.✧
[2] Contend that I'm a client.

✧[1] Hold back and wait.✧
[2] Go complain.

✧[1] I'll be just as good.✧
[2] I'm a client.

✧[1] Ask Kotoha.✧
[2] I'll check for myself.

[1] Aren't you going to stop me?
✧[2] You hate me.✧

[1] Kotoha is still a child.
✧[2] I don't want anyone but you.✧

✧[1] I hit a dead end.✧
[2] I've done all I can.

[1] Accept it.
✧[2] Object.✧

[1] Nod "truly."
✧[2] Say that I'm sorry.✧

[1] I want to know more.
✧[2] I have no interest.✧

[1] We're both men.
✧[2] One more.✧

✧[1] I was thinking about Asagi.✧
[2] The tea is hot.

[1] Not really.
✧[2] I'm happy.✧

[1] It's disgusting.
✧[2] Don't speak so badly of it.✧

✧[1] Say "I'm confused."✧
[2] Say nothing.

✧[1] What about Kotoha?✧
[2] Are you treating me as a client?

[1] Say we should check.
✧[2] Continue talking.✧

[1] Condemn Kotoha.
✧[2] "I believe in Kotoha."✧

✧[1] I want to know more.✧
[2] I'm jealous.

[1] I don't act proud.
✧[2] Certainly✧

✧[1] Wipe Asagi's lips.✧
[2] Scold him that he should value himself more.

✧[1] Look on in silence.✧
[2] Criticize Asagi.

[1] I'm Asagi's client.
✧[2] I'm your tutor.✧

✧[1] A lot happened.✧
[2] It's nothing.

✧[1] Hug him.✧
[2] Kiss him.

✧[1] That's not true.✧
[2] Why do you think that?

✧[1] Why✧
[2] Is that really you?

[1] Aren't you mad?
✧[2] I'm sorry.✧

Junction Route - You have enough Affection Level to choose the Special Route.
Get CG

✧[1] Call his name.✧
[2] Say my thanks.

✧[1] Ask his reply.✧
[2] Hold him.

✧[1] Rub his lips.✧
[2] Touch his loin.

✧[1] As a friend.✧
[2] As a toy.

✧[1] Abandon myself.✧
[2] Resist.

✧[1] It feels good.✧
[2] Take it easy.

[1] I can't marry you.
✧[2] I've fallen for someone.✧

[1] She shares some blame.
✧[2] It's not her fault.✧

[1] Trying to make me jealous?
✧[2] I still won't give up.✧

✧[1] It wasn't fun.✧
[2] It was deeply interesting.

[1] How enthusiastic.
✧[2] Are you fond of that client?✧

[1] I don't want that.
✧[2] Will that make you happy?✧

✧[1] It hurts me.✧
[2] What a strange world.

✧[1] Really?✧
[2] You must be lying.

[1] Trust me.
✧[2] I'll work more.✧

[1] So
✧[2] I won't make you wait so long.✧

✧[1] I'm fine with being an idiot.✧
[2] No I'm not.

✧[1] Sorry for being so loud.✧
[2] It's none of your business.

✧[1] I'll change him.✧
[2] I'll wait as long as it takes.

Junction Route - You have enough Affection Level to choose the Special Route.

Junction Route - You have enough Affection Level to choose the Special Route.

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  1. Just wondering but is there only one ending? I played through once without a walkthrough so I didn't choose all of the right answers. The ending was really sad so I was wondering if there's a better one if I had chosen the right answers. Thanks!

    1. Lol, yeah there's 2 endings. I ended up with the sad ending the first time I played too, the answers I indicated allowed me to read a happier ending though. Let me know you don't and if I messed up somewhere

    2. I answered with your walkthrough missing only 2 and after the last question when i got to the junction it said i didnt have enough affection. So i clicked current route because i didnt want to pay. Did i do something wrong?

    3. I'm the original anon that asked the question and wanted to say that the answers gave me a happy ending. Thanks for the walkthrough :) ! To the anon above, if you've missed two, it may be enough for you not to get the good ending.

    4. I'm playing the game...and ended up having the bad end...i feel too bad on the sad ending...
      What did i do wrong .?

    5. me too.... i'll got sad ending too T.T i want the character and asagi was happily ever after

    6. I choose same as your walkthrough, and I have a Final Special Route, but... the game ask me to sent money to get it. OKay, I don't have Visa and I have to play a Final normal route, and alright, I get the Sad Ending. Huhu, it make me cry all night :(((((((

  2. Omg! Finally! A walkthrough of this. It seems I chose most of the right answers though. Phew.

  3. Actually there are only like 5 key answers that let you see the good end, all the others help you learn more about asagi's past

  4. I still got the sad ending even after following this :/ Not enough affection for the last scenario for some reason :/

  5. When do you think they'll update this app with other routes? Or are they just planning on leaving Asagi as the only route? I'd like to learn more about the white haired one (forgot his name). Or even if they added a route for the manager (forgot his name too, but I think it's along the lines of Kenji). You pretty much find out Kotha's backstory just by playing Asagi's route, but I'd play his route if they added one for him... even though he seems a bit young. I think though they would have released the game with more routes if Asagi's route wasn't the only one... I don't know. How long has this app been out?

    I've also realized, the farther you are in the story the more energy it drains and the cool down period gets longer. I'm not able to read as much as was when I first started and my energy regeneration time went up an hour. So is it okay if I post my invite code? Not sure if it's acceptable here...

    1. There's a way to overcome the energy block! Simply go to your phone settings, unchecked the 'automatic time zone' setting, set your time/date to at least 12hours later. And then turn on the game! The energy will be fully restored hehe

    2. First of all I'm too tired right now to log on so I'll just say this as anonymous.
      I don't have it on my. I'm one of those unfortunate souls who don't have an android device. This app is only on android devices. I have to use BlueStacks to even play it. Things are different on my Mac. The setting for that allows me to turn off automatic time zone is greyed out so I can't uncheck the box. I actually stated below in response to another person that I have to play this on BlueStacks...

    3. Nevermind I was able to unlock the setting.

    4. And it doesn't work. :/
      Looks like there is no fooling BlueStacks. So yeah I still need invite codes.

    5. It appears BlueStacks has its own date/time so I had to change it there,but it force quit on me the first time. Didn't the second.

  6. Is this game for the iPhone too?

    1. I know how to answer this! No it's not. I had to download BlueStacks to get it after one of the blog authors recommended it to me. BlueStacks allows you to play android apps on your computer. I play a lot of things on there now that I can't get on iPhone or don't have room for on my phone.

  7. I answered with your walkthrough after the last question when i got to the junction it said i didnt have enough affection. but i still got sad ending

    1. This is absurd!! I answered everything with this walk-through too! And it says i dont have enough affection?! I wasted my time.

  8. I didn't manage to get the happy ending too ;A; I followed through every option, however, at the last junction, I didnt have enough affection points too

  9. Me too, followed walkthrough -> sad ending. Why? :(

  10. This is just come to my mind... So, to get the happy end, we need to see the sad end first (?). If this doesn't occur to all, maybe for this walkthrough only (?) -- Please tell me if I'm wrong... (because the first Anonymous and Jill Rosa got happy end after getting the sad end)

    1. You know i was just thinking that as im half way through my 2nd attepmt. Unfortunately i quit before i saw the sad end. So if thats true then....its gonna be a while for me to finish it entirely

  11. I really hope they add a choice to pick a route with Kotoha or Matsukaze or however you spell that ladylike man's name. I wouldn't mind purchasing routes for them! </3

  12. I followed the walkthrough perfectly,still i had the bad ending(so sad) im starting it from from the beginning now. Ill see if its because you have to see the bad ending first.

  13. How do I get through the last junction episode of asagi?

  14. Thnx a lot for the walkthrough ^~^, for people who are asking- you'll actually have to play twice to get the happy ending, even if you follow the walkthrough perfectly you'll still get the bad ending first. Replay and you'll get the happy one.

  15. Finnaly a Walkthrough ... I just got a bad ending ... T_T But couldn't find a walkthrough thanks soo much <3

  16. Sooo, I'm through it for the first time! ^^ And I'm pretty sure that the ending I got wasn't the bad one. And maybe that's because one time, I think in the middle of the story, I accidentally switched back to the prologue. That was hard, ya know. I had to play Asagi's route from the start again ._. So maybe that already counts as the second playthrough(?), even if I didn't play till the end the first time.


    1. Omg , im so tempted to do that , but im scared that it might not work for me ;-; ill just be patient and finish the first time and then replay again :/ ...

  17. Add my code! 0442VEZX

  18. I got enough affection for the first two but the last one I didn't get enough affection. Did I miss anything? I followed everything though. I relly want a good ending. 😭😭😭😭😭