[Walkthrough] Contract Marriage +: Body Swap Event

Body Swap Event

Invite Code: ydhFjw

*Special Thanks to novi lestari for contributing.

Scenario 08
Elegance Trial:
Require 500+ Elegance

[1] I know it's hard. (Fuyuta)
[2] You guys should cooperate. (Toma Saji)
[3] You can do it, Natsuki (Natsuki Saji)

Scenario 12
Elegance Trial:
Require 1900+ Elegance

Scenario 13

[1] Toma will scold you. (Toma Saji)
[2] you don't look like Natsuki (Natsuki Saji)
[3] Umm... (Fuyuta)

Scenario 18
Elegance Trial:
Require 3000+ Elegance

Scenario 19
[1] I think so too. (Natsuki Saji)
[2] Being nervous won't help. (Fuyuta) 
[3] It's fine, as long as Toma says. (Toma Saji)

Scenario 23

Elegance Trial:
Require 3950+ Elegance

Scenario 24
[1] I started to feel nervous too. (Fuyuta)
[2] Give me some advice
. (Toma Saji)
[3] Natsuki didn't have a choice (Natsuki Saji)

Scenario 26
[1] I won't do anything (Natsuki Saji)
[2] What can I do... (Toma Saji)
[3] I'll think about it that time.

Scenario 27

Elegance Trial:
Require 6500+ Elegance

Scenario 30
Special Scenario:
Natsuki Good End (+4 points)
Fuyuta Good End (+25 points)
Toma Good End (+30 points)
Normal End (Fuyuta +0 points)

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  1. 20
    [1] I think so too. (natsuki up)
    [2] Being nervous won't help.
    [3] Its fine. As long as Toma say.

  2. 24 Trial 3950 poin
    [1] I started to feel nervous too.
    [2] Give me some advice.
    [3] Natsuki didn't have a choice (natsuki up)

  3. Swap 26
    [1] I won't do anything (natsuki up)
    [2] What can I do...
    [3] I'll think about it that time.

    Mission elegance 6500 poin.
    Geez too much poin. :(

    1. Oh gosh CM+ events always kills me. I never do finish them since the trials are just asking for too much D:

  4. OMG I'm pissed off. This is the second event which I cannot do because I can choose NONE of endings. And I've got all Soji points

  5. Swap 30
    Special scenario
    1. Natsuki Good End, need +4 poin
    2. Fuyuta Good End, need +25 poin
    3. Saji Good End, need +30 poin
    4. Normal End, need Fuyuta +0 poin

    5 choice x 5 poin = 25 poin. How supose we got missing 5 poin?
    when i do gatcha, got head acc and it doen't have poin for that.
    So.. if see the poin, this event only For Fuyuta?
    The most strage is, even can't get normal end. I stuck in intersection 4 storyline.

    1. This games just confuses me more D:

    2. errr its like the last event all over again. sending a ticktet didnt do much good last time too :(

  6. How long is this? I keep playing it and there is no end...and I can't even finish this event because it asks for too much elegance points..

  7. New Event : Sweet Valentines with him
    Complete Bonus : Milktea Colored Long Loose Curl (Finish 6 ending)
    Archived Bonus : Fascinating Bworn Eyes : 50.000+ poin & Seductive Lovely Ribbon dress : 100.000+ poin
    Ranking bonus : Tuxedo, Pants & Shoes set
    Extra Bonus : No extra
    Story : A bit mesy, so i confuse in some part of story)
    Time ending on : 6day 12hour, from i post this.
    1st Play Carene : 500, 1000, 1500, Normal end 2000, Good end 5000, Premium end 8000
    we can buy avatar 300 platinum, after finish premium end.
    2nd play carene : 1450+, 9500 (auch... its makes me lazy to go on.... anyone want to continue it? )