[Walkthrough] Contract Marriage +: The Secret New Year Event

The Secret New Year Event

Invite Code: ydhFjw

Scenario 03
[1] Everyone (Shinobu Arima)
[2] Anyone (Toma Saji)
[3] This is difficult (Akio Saionji)

Scenario 07
[1] "Why do you say so?" (Ryo Kurosaki)
[2] "Of course not" (Natsuki Saji)
[3] "Smile at him" (Soji Shirogane)

Scenario 11
Elegance Trial:
Require 900+ Elegance

Scenario 13
[1] "Get mad" (Shinobu Arima)
[2] "Up to him" (Soji Shirogane)
[3] "Stick to the original plan" (Natsuki Saji)

Scenario 18
[1] "Impossible" (Ryo Kurosaki)
[2] "Good idea" (Shinobu Arima)
[3] "I don't know" (Akio Saionji)

Scenario 21
Elegance Trial:
Require 2200+ Elegance

Scenario 24
[1] "Toma" (Nothing) ?
[2] "Akio" (Nothing) ?
[3] "Natsuki" (Nothing) ?

Scenario 27
[1] "Alright" (Soji Shirogane)
[2] (Let me think.........) (Shinobu Arima)
[3] "You don't have to do anything" (Ryo Kurosaki)

Scenario 31
Elegance Trial:
Require 3800+ Elegance

Scenario 33
[1] "I have no idea" (Natsuki Saji)
[2] "I'm satisfied" (Natsuki Saji)
[3] "Cosplay" (Natsuki Saji)

Scenario 38
[1] "With bits of deep fried tempura batter"
[2] "Same as Ryo"
[3] "Whatever is left"

Scenario 39
Elegance Trial:
Require 6000+ Elegance

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  1. Replies
    1. Haha right xD
      I wouldn't be surprise if it was. They didn't even let us finish the Christmas one.

    2. Yah.. even there was reset of xmas event for a while, but still ... I wonder what they doing there around.. >.>

    3. ahhh how cute this time Natsuki is on way to choose ^.^ I always liked this guy hyhy xD but umm there is info about elegance trial now, so maybe its not bugged... I hope it doesnt ...

  2. I hope this time the end will be great, I was disappointed by the bug there was for christmas even ='(

  3. this is my first time playing... who is fuyuta? what relation does he have to the other guys or MC. also natsuki it mentions he's someones brother, is it soji?

  4. Well it was all said in Contract Marriage.. Fuyata was appeard in Soji Shirogane route, Natsuki Soji is an younger brother of Toma Soji.

    1. ah ok thanks... i never played the original so it's confusing i guesss when all these characters randomly pop up

  5. Hi, I do not have an account so sorry for my anonymous post. I was wondering if you could explain to me how this event works. Like for example how do you play the event and choose answers for the guy you want. I want to end up with Soji Shirogane. I'm sorry if its hard to answer. It's okay if you can't help. I'll appreciate it anyway :)

    1. I'm actually not sure myself. I still haven't finish so I can't really answer questions for now but if you want to go with Soji just make sure to pick the answers that's regarding to him.

    2. Oh okay, thank you very much! You must be busy, I really appreciate you replying back. And it was a really fast reply! Thank you for your time :)