[Walkthrough] Contract Marriage +: Christmas Surprise Event

Christmas Surprise Event

Invite Code: ydhFjw

*Special Thanks to Enel Liwaho, Miharu & to the anonymous person for contributing.

Scenario 03
[1] Santa (Toma Saji)
[2] Reject (Soji Shirogane)
[3] Reindeer (Shinobu Arima)

Scenario 14
[1] What does that mean? (Akio Saionji)
[2] I refuse. (Akio Saionji)
[3] I'll pretend I never heard that. (Akio Saionji)

Scenario 17
[1] I nod. (Soji Shirogane)
[2] I am scared. (Ryo Kurosaki)
[3] What are you going to do, Shinobu? (Shinobu Arima)

Scenario 21
[1] I start to discuss with him. (Akio Saionji)
[2] I hug him. (Soji Shirogane)
[3] I apologize to him. (Ryo Kurosaki)

Scenario 23
[1] Change the topic. (Ryo Kurosaki)
[2] Stop them. (Akio Saionji)
[3] Just look at them. (Nothing)

Scenario 25
[1] Wait. (Soji Shirogane)
[2] Can't agree. (Shinobu Arima)
[3] Condemn him that he is cruel. (Toma Saji)

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  1. 14
    [1] What does that mean? (Akio affection up)
    [2] I refuse.
    [3] I'll pretend I never heard that.

    [1] I nod.
    [2] I am scared. (Nothing happened)
    [3] What are you going to do?
    [1] I start to discuss with him. (Akio affection up)
    [2] I hug him.
    [3] I apologize to him.
    Your welcome :)

  2. 23
    [1]Change the topic.(Ryo affection up)
    [2]Stop them.
    [3]Just look at them.

  3. 14
    [1] What does that mean?
    [2] I refuse. (Saionji)
    [3] I'll pretend I never heard that.

  4. 17
    [1] I nod.(Soji)
    [2] I am scared.
    [3] What are you going to do?

  5. 17.What are you goin to do? ~Shinobu
    21.Hug him ~ soji
    23.Change topic ~ kurosaki
    25.Wait ~ shirogane

  6. 25
    [1] Wait
    [2] Can't agree
    [3] Condemn him that he is cruel (Saji)

  7. Guys you was able to finish event? Because for me it doesnt show forward anything after 25th route... There is nothing. Neither any info what do you need to choose an xmas partner... It rlly annoying I just wasted scenario tickets for this event and got stuck >.>

  8. It did the same for me. After I finished the 25 scenario, it said something about needing more marriage points, I got a lot more but instead of saying "advance scenario" it had only text that said "current event" which you cannot even click. I switched from the main route to the event multiple times but it still is the same.

  9. Yah seems they reset an event but its still same issue >.> (it got back to 77h..)

  10. yeah i couldn't finish either and i had/have no idea how to tell them

  11. Hi there new event : Body Swap
    It's say have 4 ending : normal, Natsuki, Toma & Fuyuta
    [1] I know it's hard.
    [2] You guys should cooperate.
    [3] You can do it, Natsuki ( i choose this)

    but because my laging internet i dont know how much its poin, I guess poin goes to Natsuki?