[Walkthrough] The Cinderella Contract: If Isuka

If Isuka

"You're the first person..." 
"I've ever had the desire to touch. "

The person had helped you at the airport was Isuka dressed as Asena ! 
What is reason why he continues to play Asena--??

How to advance
- Go on reading the scenarios.
- Break through the Love trials such as avatar mission and elegance mission.
- You can choose which to read, "Normal Ending" or "Good Ending" after you have broken through the avater mission.

*When you do the Time-limited love lesson, you would be able to get 10pt for [Suite room Gacha] every time you get excellent.
*Sometimes you might be able to earn lots of points as a consecutive excellent bonus.
*You would have to use scenario tickets to read the scenarios of this event.
*You can buy [After Scenario] at [My page] after you have finished reading [Good Ending]. Please note that you would not be able to buy it if you push scenario reset button.

How to return to Main route
Menu > Change Route You return to Main route

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Invite Code: BumdWj

**Because of 3.14, in order to reach the Good End you must spin the gacha suite for the last 5 reputation points needed.
*Special Thanks to Dolly Doll for contributing.

[Chapter 1]

[1] Grab his arm.
[2] Walk next to him. (+5)
[3] Follow behind him. (+3)

[1] I want to know. (+5)
[2] What are you hiding?
[3] I need to figure out whether or not you're Asena.

Premium Route:
Special Scenario:Get CG! (Isuka Reputation 10+)

Extra Scenario:
If Isuka ★ Extra Scenario "Slip" - 200 Platinum

[1] The name card could be fake.  (+5)
[2] I'll trust you. (+1)
[3] I'll have my company do a background check.

[Chapter 2]

Elegance Trial:
Requires 1200+ Elegance

Extra Scenario:
If Isuka ★ Extra Scenario "Sea" - 200 Platinum

[1] I'm surprised.
[2] I belived in you.
[3] I'm curious about your relationship. (+5)

[1] I'd need to meet Prince Hassim, first.
[2] Yes.
[3] He is Asena's enemy. (+5)

Premium Route
Special Scenario (Isuka's Reputation 25+)

[1] Nice meeting you. (+1)
[2] I'll do my best.
[3] I think I can do well. (+5)

Avatar Trial:
Premium Route: IF Isuka ★ Yellow-Green Eye (Charm +25) - 300 Platinum
Normal Route: IF Isuka ★ White Heel (Charm +10) -100 Platinum/ 500 Feminine

[Chapter 3]

Extra Scenario
IF Isuka ★Extra Scenario "A Trace" - 200 Platinum

[1] I need to greet Asena first.
[2] Okay!
[3] Is something wrong? (+5)

[1] You're that way too, Isuka (+1)
[2] You're different than him, Isuka. (+5)
[3] Asena is impressive.

Premium Route:
Special Scenario (Isuka's Reputation 40+)

[1] I don't want that. (+0)
[2] I don't mind if it's compensation. "No message."
[3] I want to hear his true feelings. "No message."
(^ Up to you guys what to pick.)

[Chapter 4]

[1] Of course! (+5)
[2] Is it alright if I go?
[3] I'm a little scared.

Elegance Trial:
Require 5000+ Elegance

[1] Were you awake?
[2] What would happened? (+5)
[3] Did you just wake up?

[1] Does nothing cross your mind?
[2] Will something new begin? (+5)
[3] I wonder if something will happen... (+1)

Avatar Trial
Premium Route: IF Isuka ★ Fluffy Carl (Charm +45) - 500 Platinum
Normal Route: IF Isuka ★ Blue Rose Headband (Charm +20) - 150 Platinum/ 2500 Feminine

Normal End: Default Ending
Good End: 60+ Reputation points

Get: Aroma Therapy x1, 1500 Feminine, If Isuka ★ Colorful Dress (Charm +70)

Good End
Extra Scenario
IF Isuka ★ After End Scenario - 200 Platinum


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  1. For Royal End do you have to spin the gacha with gacha tickets or love points? 2) Do you get one free spin. 3) How many items are in the Royal gacha? 4) What is the rare item?
    5) To upgrade to Gold Login sheet do I hate to clear all the routes for one prince, because I am a little confused since it isn't the same as My Sweet Proposal.

    I apologise for asking so many questions but thanks for working so hard on the walk through, Zen ri.

    1. Sorry, that was suppose to say have* not hate

    2. 1.) You spin the royal gacha with gacha tickets.
      2.) No the free spin only applies to okko games.
      3.) 9 for the main prince, 8 for the sub characters.
      4.) It's the wedding dress
      5.) You need to clear from either a Royal end or normal end. Good End doesn't apply.

    3. OH my gosh, I'm really sorry. But I meant to put the comment on Royal Midnight Kiss for Edward ' s route....and you can see it doesn't make sense for the comment to go here since the Isuka Event is already ended.
      Sorry, I'm need to your site, which by the way is really helpful and I adore it.
      Sorry again for putting into trouble for answering the questions to a different game, but please answer my questions for Royal Midnight Kiss.

      Thank you so much for all your time!

    4. Sorry again, I meant so say new* not need

    5. Oh haha okie xP
      Well the first one is the same you need gacha tickets in order to spin the royal end. I'm not sure if there's a free spin since I choose to do good end rather than the royal but assuming they follow their prev games then it should have a free spin. Ah and well same goes for how many items im going to assume its 7 like in MSP. Now for their gold sheet you need to clear 3 types of ending to unlock it, but any endings will do.

  2. When are you going to HV IF isuka story back on here?

    1. I didn't make the game so i really wouldn't know o.o

  3. Is this story permanent or really only an event? Because I couldn't find a time period somewhere. ;A;

    1. I'm not sure if they've made his permanent or not.The only one im sure of is Lugar

    2. Yes, they made it a main story on 1/12/16 per the news on the game.

  4. 3.14
    [1] I don't want that.
    [2] I don't mind if it's compensation.
    [3] I want to hear his true feelings. "Reputation has gone up."

  5. Hello zenri! Thanks for the walkthrough :) so is this IF isuka good ending also have to do the royal ending like the rest?

    1. This one doesn't have a royal end like the other routes

  6. 3.14
    [3] I want to hear his true feelings. (+3)