[Walkthrough] Forbidden Love: Mike Jones Story 8

Mike Jones

**Special Thanks to isabela isa for conrtibuting.

[Chapter 1]
What happened to you? (+50)

[Chapter 2]
I understand. (+50)

[Chapter 3]
I pity you. (+50)
There's no choice. (+50)

[Chapter 4]
Why would we say that. (+50)

[Chapter 5]
That's nice. (+50)

[Chapter 6]
Dylan looks happy. (+50)

Secret Story
250+ Love pts. needed

[Chapter 7]
There's no need to worry. (+50)

[Chapter 8]
There's nothing to worry about. (+50)

[Chapter 9]
How did you know? (+50)

Secret Story
380+ Love pts. needed

[Chapter 10]
Thanks for everything. (+50)

[Chapter 11]
..... (+50)

[Chapter 12]
..... (+50)

[Chapter 13]
What kind of person do you take him for? (+50)

[Chapter 14]
Don't think like that. (+50)

[Chapter 15]
Thanks. (+50)

Secret Story
600+ Love pts. needed

[Chapter 16]
I'm at a loss for words. (+50)

All Endings: 1100+ Love pts.
Happy End: 549+ Love pts.
Normal End: Default Ending

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  1. Is this finally the ending ? Or there's more stories coming up ?

  2. Could you tell me what happened in the end?

    1. Sorry I actually forgot how his story 8 ends. Its been a while since I've played it :x

    2. Oh....that is bad.I have been having problems trying to get the scenario ticket reload on it's own everyday for the Iphone App itself and the apk version too is removed from the Play Store.When i tried to google search for what happened to it,nobody posted it or anything on youtube or anything. T-T

  3. Yeah, none of the website didn't have it. I was wondering Zen ri did you still have the apps? If you do, why don't you reread it again? If not, I guess I have to skip story 1 to story 8 then. since no one is playing it, bc it's getting bored and not interested.

    1. I still have the app and I can probably reread it in my album story it's just as you say I'm kinda bored on how the story lately is progressing.

    2. And please take your time to summary story 8. I don't want you in a rush. 😊 I'll be patient for your summary.

    3. I'm glad I ask before doing skipping story one to story two. I hope the story was great. Okay, I'm ready for your summary.( it doesn't matter the summary is long or short.) I wonder why the apps is getting bored? It bc the story for each characters weren't that great? Or too tired of reading?

    4. Haha okie. I'll try to get started on it some time this week.
      The story was great in the 1st to 4th story but eventually I've kinda had enough reading about their story. I have a short attention span on long love stories. I'm the type of person who prefers to read the progress of the characters falling in love and once they are together that's it for me. I dislike reading tooo much of the afterwards because it'll just be drama that will break them apart that I pretty much just don't want to get to. ^^;

    5. It sound like story 5 to 8 seem looks bad, right? I don't like it to part both couple part. I hope story 8 has a great ending beside other story. If not, I'm not going to play it. No wonder many people said that that it was or wasn't good at all. They want the company to change the story more better. Once again I will forward of your summary.*cross figure*(please be something good about story 8!)

    6. Now I'm at story 7.I will record it end of the next year. Pls stay tuned.https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRebmyifDSuXbobwYtwVL5Q