[Walkthrough] Forbidden Love: Mike Jones' Birthday Event

Mike Jones 

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Chapter 1.05
[1] "Is there something I can do?" (50 points)
[2] "You alright?"
[3] "Aren't you tired?"

Chapter 2.04
[1] "I think you're overworking yourself..."
[2] "It's hard for me to not say anything." (50 points)
[3] "Do you depend on me so little?"

Chapter 3.05
[1] "Please don't work yourself too hard." (50 points)
[2] "Don't hurt yourself."
[3] "Eat better, alright?"

Chapter 4 .04
[1] (I'll try and think about it a bit more.)
[2] (Should I follow Tom's advice?)
[3] (I wonder if there's someone else I could ask.) (50 points)

Chapter 5.04
[1] "I won't make lunch for you!"
[2] "I want you to send me messages." (50 points)
[3] "If it's that bad, you don't have to?"

Chapter 6.02
[1] It might be good for just a little bit?
[2] It might be something new? (50 points)
[3] If I want to make Mike happy?

Chapter 7.02
[1] "Did you want a reply?"
[2] "You don't have to nag me?"
[3] "I can't say that I did." (50 points)

Chapter 8.03
[1] "...That's impossible." (50 points)
[2] "...If you say so, Mike."
[3] "I want to get thinner though."

Chapter 9.03
[1] "I've got things to buy..."
[2] "I suppose so."
[3] "I'd love to." (50 points)

Chapter 10.04
[1] "I'm busy right now."
[2] "Could we do this later?" (50 points)
[3] "I'll call you back later if I can."

 All Endings: 550+ Love pts.
 Sweet End: 420+ Love pts.
 Happy End: Default Ending

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