[Walkthrough] The Cinderella Contract:【Rossiyskaya】Yuri & Yelisei

Yuri & Yelisei

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[Chapter 1: Marriage at First Sight?]

[1] At a time like this... (Yuri +0)
[2] I'm happy. (Yuri +3)
[3] I don't know. (Yuri +5)

[1] It's a minor inconvenience. (Yuri +5)
[2] Hate you? (Yuri +0)
[3] I like you. (Yuri +3)

Elegance Trial:
Requires 1200+ elegance
Get: Dress Piece x1

[1] I'm still good. (Yuri +0)
[2] Perhaps... (Yuri +3)
[3] I want you to show me where it is. (Yuri +5)

[Chapter 2: A Present Worthy of a Princess!]

[1] It's a charming country. (Yelisei +5) 
[2] I'm surprised. (Yelisei +3) 
[3] (Can I return his handshake?) (Yuri +0)

[1] That's good to hear. (Yuri +5)
[2] You think so? (Yuri +3)
[3] That makes me glad.

Avatar Trial:
Premium Avatar: [Yuri] Trial ★ Light Blue Gloves (Charm +30) - 300 Platinum
Normal Avatar: [Yuri] Trial ★ Valleta of Red Ribbon (Charm +30) - 100 Platinum/500 Feminine

Premium Route:
Special Scenario (Yuri's Reputation 15+)

Diary of the Heart ★ Rossiyskaya - 150 platinum

[1] I'm a captive. (Yuri +3) 
[2] Where?  (Yuri +5) 
[3] You can't do that! (Yuri +1)

[Chapter 3: Gunshot Panic]

Diary of the Heart ★ Rossiyskaya - 150 platinum

[1] Do you not want to talk about it? (Yuri +5) 
[2] Why won't you tell me?
[3] Be serious. (Yuri +1)

[1] I'm worried. (Yelisei +3) 
[2] I'm not scared. (Yuri +5) 
[3] I'm fine. (Yelisei +5) 

Premium Route:
Special Scenario: Get CG! (Yuri's Reputation 20+)

[1] Laughable. (Yuri +3) 
[2] Too convenient. (Yuri +5) 
[3] Not possible for someone like me. (Yuri +1)

[Chapter 4: A Public Trial]

[1] If you're going to go that far... (Yuri +1)
[2] If you stop keeping secrets. (Yuri +5) 
[3] I want to, but...  (Yuri +3)

Avatar Trial:
Premium Avatar: [Yuri] Trial ★ Blue Pumps (Charm +30) - 300 Platinum
Normal Avatar: [Yuri] Trial ★ Stylish Sandals (Charm +10) - 150 Platinum/3000 Feminine

Diary of the Heart ★ Rossiyskaya - 150 platinum

[1] He is good-looking... (Yuri +0)
[2] I wasn't charmed.
[3] I just wanted to be nice. (Yuri +5) 

[1] I'm a little scared... (Yelisei +5)
[2] If we're together, it's okay. (Yelisei +3)
[3] If anything happens, I'll save you. (Yuri +5) 

[Chapter 5: A Kiss in the Snow]

[1] I'm just happy you're okay. (Yuri +5)
[2] Thank you for protecting me. (Yuri +3) 
[3] Don't think about it. (Yuri +1) 

Diary of the Heart ★ Rossiyskaya - 200 platinum

[1] Forever's a long time... (Yuri +5)
[2] But the contract!
[3] Me too. (Yelisei +5)

Avatar Trial:
Premium Avatar:  [Yuri] Trial ★ Corsage (Charm +50) - 300 Platinum
Normal Avatar: [Yuri] Trial ★ Wooden Desk (Charm +10) - 150 Platinum/2500 Feminine

[1] You too. (Yuri +3)
[2] Thanks for caring about me. (Yuri +5)
[3] I'm fine. (Yuri +1)

Premium Route:
Special Scenario: Get CG! (Yuri's Reputation 75+)

[Chapter 6: A Double-Cross Most Heinous]

[1] Wait. (Yuri +5)
[2] What is all of this? (Yuri +1)
[3] Yuri, are you alright? (Yuri +3)

Premium Route:
Special Scenario (Yuri's Reputation 80+)

[1] Perhaps... (Yuri +3)
[2] I want to believe it. (Yuri +5)
[3] It's a difficult situation... (Yuri +0)

[1] I grew to love him after we married. (Yelisei +5)
[2] The truth is... (Yuri +5)
[3] It's too embarrassing to talk about.

[Chapter 7: Love Triangle]

[1] Impossible... (Yuri +5)
[2] Perhaps... (Yuri +1)
[3] I trust him. (Yuri +3)

Premium Route:
Special Scenario: Get CG! (Yelisei's Reputation 30+)

Elegance Trial:
Require 8000+ Elegance
Get: Dress Pieces x2

[1] But Yelisha is here. (Yelisei +5)
[2] I have to do what he says. (Yuri +5)
[3] Wait.

Diary of the Heart ★ Rossiyskaya - 200 platinum

[1] Hang in there. (Yuri +3)
[2] I should go back... (Yuri +5)
[3] I call someone. (Yuri +1)

[Chapter 8: My Secret with My Brother-in-Law...]

Diary of the Heart ★ Rossiyskaya - 200 platinum

[1] I would. (Yuri +3)
[2] I can't. (Yuri +0)
[3] I don't know what to do. (Yuri +5)

[1] I'm a little lonely... (Yelisei +5)
[2] I want to go home.
[3] I have to stay... (Yuri +5)

Avatar Trial:
Premium Avatar: [Yuri] Trial ★ Lace-Up Dress (Charm +100) - 500 Platinum
Normal Avatar: [Yuri] Trial ★ Bloom Color Eyes (Charm +50) - 400 Platinum/8000 Feminine

[1] What are you saying? (Yuri +3)
[2] I'm sorry. (Yuri +5)
[3] Yelisha...! (Yelisei +3)

[Chapter 9: Rebellion?]

Premium Route:
Special Scenario (Yelisei's Reputation 40+)

[1] Even though it's a lie... (Yuri +1)
[2] Is this a date? (Yuri +5)
[3] Are you speaking seriously?

[1] I don't want to be with you... (Yuri +3)
[2] I want to be with you... (Yuri +5)
[3] I still don't. (Yuri +1)

[1] I can't choose. (Yelisei +5)
[2] I don't understand. (Yelisei +1)
[3] You asked that before. (Yuri +5)

[Chapter 10: A Second Home]

[1] Are you worried? (Yuri +1)
[2] Do you distrust me? (Yelisei +1)
[3] I understand. (Yuri +5)

Avatar Trial:
Premium Avatar: [Yuri] Trial ★ Lace-Up Dress (Bottoms) (Charm +100) - 500 Platinum
Normal Avatar: [Yuri] Trial ★ Honey Orange Hair (Charm +30) - 300 Platinum/5000 Feminine

Premium Route:
Special Scenario: Get CG! (Yelisei's Reputation 50+)

Diary of the Heart ★ Rossiyskaya - 150 platinum

Elegance Trial:
Require 20000+ Elegance
Get: Dress Piece x3

[1] Stop that. (Yuri +3)
[2] How embarrassing... (Yuri+1)
[3] Please stop stroking me. (Yuri +5)

Premium Route:
Special Scenario (Yuri's Reputation 145+)

[1] I'm frightened. (Yuri +0)
[2] Why is he sitting next to me? (Yuri +3)
[3] Is he going to kiss me again? (Yuri +5)

[Chapter 11: Terminus of Love and Hate]

[1] Of course. I am his wife. (Yuri +3)
[2] I wonder if I'm good enough... (Yuri +1)
[3] I intend to. (Yuri +5)

Premium Route:
Special Scenario: Get CG! (Yuri's Reputation 155+)

[1] Don't! (Yuri +5)
[2] Come to your senses. (Yuri +1)
[3] These threats... (Yuri +3)

[1] Wait, Yelisha. (Yelisei +5)
[2] Aren't you going to do something, Yuri? (Yuri +5)
[3] Somebody help! (Yelisei +??)


Normal End Yuri: 85+ Reputation pts. & Yelisei 25+ Reputation pts.
Good End Yuri: 165+ Reputation pts. & Unlock Royal Gacha (7day time limit)

Get: New Contract x1, Reset Ticket x1, Story Completion Recovery Ticket x1, 500 Feminine (NE)/ 1000 Feminine (GE)
Royal End Yuri: 200+ Reputation pts.
**In order to achieve Royal End you must read all 10 parts of Yuri's Good End, obtain the rare gacha item (wedding dress) in the Royal Gacha, and reach the required reputation level.


Normal End Yelisei: Default Ending.
Good End Yelisei: 60+ Reputation pts, Yuri > 74 Reputation pts. & Unlock Royal Gacha (7day time limit)

Get: New Contract x1, Reset Ticket x1, Story Completion Recovery Ticket x1, 500 Feminine (NE)/ 1000 Feminine (GE)

Royal End Yelisei: 80+ Reputation pts.
**In order to achieve Royal End you must read all 10 parts of Yelisei's Good End, obtain the rare gacha item (wedding dress) in the Royal Gacha, and reach the required reputation level.


                                                                                                    Flanelia: Claude & Lugar Walkthrough →

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  1. Hi zen ri... Love ur blog so much... Thank alot... Btw i juz started playing yuri route this is my third prince... But there some miss info at chapter 1-8... There requiring reputation to play premium route... But i couldnt... Coz i doesnt hv enough reputation point... So question is how much more rep pt it need to get premium route??? N i only hv 5 rep pt...

    1. On that screen there should be a white box that tells you the requirement for reading that premium route. There will be a couple of those appearing and the requirement is that you must have finished with a royal end of that prince on a prev walkthrough to be able to see it.

  2. Something odd happened to me.
    I was at 73 reputation for Yelisei by the time I got to starting the good end (I used the item to see the exact number). Then, after I cleared out the royal Gacha, my little slider just jumped to premium and I unlocked the royal end without needing the other 7 reputation.
    Maybe, in regards to reputation and wedding dress, you only need one or the other?

    1. Royal gacha items give a bit of reputation points. The dress gives 10 rep pts.

    2. Oh! Wow, I didn't realize. It's 25 points for all the items. That is immensely helpful.

  3. OMG I was so excited by the new event. I switched to Yuri's birthday event but it seems that i cannot get the champagne anymore for the night prince event. I would like to get the gacha ticket at least. Can I switch back without loosing what I have done already in the Yuri's birthday event?

    1. I'm pretty sure it'll save your data

    2. You can change between original route and event route whenever you want without loosing any data!! I also did that because of champagne so don't worry :)

  4. I cleared the royal New Years event once but I still can't get the special route's

  5. Hello Zenri, I have some questions regarding good end

    Will it be possible to get the good end without advancing to royal end? Will the login sheet get updated that way? Or do we have to do both ends to get the new login sheet?

    Thank you for your time and also, thank you for the wonderful walkthrough ;D

    1. Hiya! Thankies for visiting :3

      Yes it's totally possible to get good end without having to proceed to the royal end. Unfortunately, it will not count as a complete clear, so you won't be able to upgrade your login sheet. It really has to be either normal end or royal end.

    2. I see... Thank you :D

  6. so, in order to get yelisei's good end, yuri's reputation must be bigger than74?

  7. Thank you so much for these walkthroughs!
    My invitation code is yyzA2u ^^

  8. Hi zen ri. How many gacha ticket need to get all the item In royal end?.,
    thanks For info.you blog is helping me So much.

    1. You need 9 for the main and 8 for the secondary.

  9. Is the only way to unlock the royal ending is for us to get the good end? I'm sorry I keep on asking questions. I've been playing this game for a year now but I actually have no knowledge prior to these kind of things.

  10. Hai zen ri san.... i wanna play Yuri's season 2... but my closet so full coz to pass avatar trial for yuri season 1... and is it ok for me to erase them??? and if i erase them it wouldn't effect for yuri season 2 right????... Thanks :)

    1. Yes its fine to erase them. It will not affect you in Yuri's season 2 all it will do is lower your charm.

  11. Zenri san sorry but why cant i get yuri ending although i follow you walkthrough?

    1. What ending are you trying to get?

  12. I was just wondering, for 2.03, is there a +5 answer for Yuri, at all? Thanks for the help. :)

    1. If so can you tell me which one we have to choose to get Yuri's 5 points, thanks. Or does Yuri just not get any points in those answer?

  13. Hello zenri san i finish yuri route and get good end too... but i still cant unlock the sequel... i confuse X(

    1. And yesterday i finish the route... what i gonna do ..... thanks :(

    2. You need to have also finished royal end for it to count towards the sequel. Normal end can also unlock the sequel

    3. So i must re do it again for norml route???????

    4. And for the royal end..... if i dont have gacha tickt..... i can use free gacha once a day to complete 8 pts in royal end?????

    5. Yeah if you're unable to complete the Royal end you'll have to re do the route and go for a normal end. To view royal end you need gacha tickets and to get the wedding dress item from the gacha.

  14. Hi zenri, how can i unlock the royal gacha? I don't have enough gacha tickets for the requirements of the royal ending so I'm going with the good end for the mean time. Please help mee :(

    1. You can unlock the gacha after you finish reading good end.

  15. Is there an +5 for Yuri on 2.03? I only see yelisei pt

  16. Hi zenri san, i just finished yuri good end. How can i unlock royal gacha? And do we have to buy tickets of royal gacha?

    1. It should have unlock by now that you've finished good end. Yes you have to buy tickets if you dont have one or you can get the tickets by patiently collecting in the gold login sheet.

  17. Sorry if this is like a dumb question but if you reset and do a second lap, is there some Yelisei extras? Just wondering

    1. There is but it requires you to finish royal end first before you can unlock it.

    2. Oh well I did so all I do is reset and that's it ? Lol ;-;

  18. I don't underdtand how to get yelisei?
    Does it depend on your answer?

    1. As long as you keep Yuri's points to a minimum and pick all Yelisei's choices you should be eligible to get his ending.

  19. Hi Zenri,

    I've been choosing Yuri's answer and right now I'm at chapter 2.03, after choosing Yelisei's answer. From the points above, I should be having 15 pts from Yuri and 5 from Yelisei. In addition to the suites room, I have 2 pts from Yuri & 2 pts from Yelisei. So in total, Yuri (17pts and Yelisei, 7pts) yet the love meter for Yuri does not move and for Yelisei, it moves to one bar. How can this happen? D:

    My yuriiiiii T^T

    1. It moves because Yelisei doesn't really have much points in total unlike Yuri. It will take Yuri 20 points each to move a bar. Btw just wondering who is it that you're going for in the end?

    2. So it means that because Yelisei's route have less choices throughout the game, so his bar have less points compared to Yuri? I'm going for Yuri actually...

    3. Yep which means that Yelisei's bar is easily swayed compared to Yuri's.
      and since you're going for Yuri I might suggest that you refrain from picking Yelisei's answers. You will need all the points you can get to have a good end with Yuri.

  20. Do we be able to play Yelisei route?because i love Yelisei,do we have to swap princes in suite room to play Yelisei story?

    1. Yelisei's route is played in the same storyline as Yuri. He doesn't really have that big of a part as Yuri unfortunately. Just make sure to pick his choices when its available and you'll be able to get his end. swapping princes in the suit does not affect your storyline in anyway.

  21. Hey Zen ri-san, your blog has totally helped me the entire walkthrough :) Thanks for your hard work :D
    The thing is, I've finished Yuri Good Ending and I'm going for Yuri. Can you tell me what to do next bcuz I really don't understand how it goes after it ended. I tried looking around but I'm still confused xD I'm so sorry to trouble you :)

    1. I'm kinda confuse with your question. Can you elaborate on the part where you said that you finished Yuri's GE and are going for Yuri? You already got his good end I dunno what else I can tell you :O

    2. Oh umm alright, I finished Yuri's GE and then now on my screen they're telling me "You can advance to Royal Ending when you meet the requirements as below..." Something about requirements to advance Special route. "1. Increase Yuri rep... 2. Get Yuri RARE Gacha Frill dress of rainbow RE Gacha" And when I scroll down, it's written "Premium Route 28 more YuriRep" That's all xD I'm not sure what I have to do now.

    3. Aah okay so you need to raise Yuri's rep pts but you can do that by spinning the Royal gacha. Each item will give you a certain amount. What you really need though is the wedding dress in order to go on to the Royal end. Do you have Gacha tickets?

    4. Ahh so to raise Yuri's rep pts is to spin the Royal Ending Gacha, right? And the main thing I need to get is the wedding dress to advance to Royal End but I don't have any Gacha tickets xD How can I gain gacha tickets without purchasing them using platinum ._.?

    5. Yep you got it :3 and you can get free gacha tickets from the gold login sheet bonus.

  22. Zenri can I ask whether we can change route whenever we wanted to? Thanks in advance for replying.

    1. You can as long as you have a new contract item to let you change.

  23. Hii Zen ri :) Your walkthrough was been a big help for me ^^. I have a question, I got Good ending for Yuri but I cant upgrade my Login sheet and in a few comments it says that you go to normal end to get the gold login sheet so I reset and did his route again to do normal end. Will the royal gacha be available if I go normal end cause I finished the Good End? Or will I be reseting again?

    Sorry for asking too much T.T its really confusing me :3

    1. Its no problem. The reason you aren't probably qualified for the login upgrade is because you only finished with a good end. You need to finish royal end if you pick the good end route for it to be considered a full completion and no normal end is just that. You have to pick good end for the royal end to be unlocked.

  24. Zenri, thank you so much for your walkthroughs! There's something thats been bothering me about the Royal End Yuri which i want to get.
    Do you need platinum to get the Royal Ending Gacha Dress? Is there also a way i can get the dress without having to spend money on platinum?

    1. No, you need gacha tickets which you can get for free from the gold login sheet. You need 3 types of clear to be able to upgrade. so in your case you need to do 3 normal ends to qualify for an upgrade unless you already have gold sheet.

    2. I didn't know how to upgrade my silver sheet to gold. Now i know. Thanks! :)

  25. Hiiii Zenri :)
    I wanted to ask how to have the secondary character avatar i like in the Suite Room. Because i saw someone actually having Yelisei in their Suite Room and I'm jealous..QuQ

    1. You can switch to him anytime. There's a button in his closet that lets you switch characters.

  26. It says I got Yelisei's royal ending but I never won the dress. (I won most of the other items, though.) Is there a "true" royal ending if I do get one? The ending was short and ended with a kiss. (I have 119 reputation points with him, mainly through suite gatcha items.)

    1. The Royal ending is the epilogue after good end. If you got the ending good for you! usually one would need the dress in order to continue on.

  27. The times you have posted are you in the EST? because my first one always starts at 2pm.

    1. I believe its GMT? not really sure. I just know it correlates to Japan's hours